Arts Fair

Immerse yourself in a creative wonderland where talented vendors showcase their unique handcrafted items. It's the perfect blend of art and music, promising a memorable experience for all.

Shop Local

Shop from festival vendors, you not only support local artists but also discover exclusive items that are truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to browsing handmade crafts and original artwork, you can enjoy a live drawing competition and participate in a juried art auction, enhancing your festival experience with creativity and community spirit.

Showcase your talent

Join us at the Arts Fair and be part of an exciting celebration of creativity! Whether you're interested in becoming a vendor, submitting your artwork for our juried art auction, or showcasing your skills in the live pastels drawing competition, there's a place for you. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with fellow artists and art enthusiasts!

Do you want to be a Vendor?

Commonly asked questions about being a vendor at Halfway to Everywhere.

When is the Artist Fair?

Friday September 6th to 4pm to 9pm
Saturday September 7th  9am to 9pm

Does applying for the vendor market also mean I’ve applied to the juried art auction and live drawing?

No. There are 3 parts to the Artist Fair and each part of the H2E artist fair is a separate
application. Applying for one does not mean you have applied to all.

Can I apply to be a vendor and be an artist in the live drawing competition?

Artist can only be in the market and the juried art auction, OR in the live drawing competition
and juried art auction. If you are wanting to be a vendor you can not also be an artist in the live
drawing competition as those schedules conflict.

Is the market outdoors?

Yes. The H2E artist fair is an outdoor arts event.

Where is the market?

The main entrance is located on 9th Street. The arts market will begin at the entry and branch out throught the festival between 8th and 10th.

Is electricity provided?

Electricity is only provided for vendors in the 10’x10’ booths and for those who pay for a spot with electricity. Not all vendor spots will have access to electric. Electric should be reserved for lighting and charging electronics. Heavy machinery, appliances, or generators will not be allowed.

Are there any minimum requirements?

All artists age 18 and above are eligible. Please note each part of the artist fair is by JURIED

Who is jurying the applications?

Our jury is comprised of local artists & committee members.

What kind of art would the jury not accept?

Any imagery that is sexually explicit and/or has strong overtones of violence or gore will not be
accepted. This is a public event open to all ages. Work must be produced by the artist
submitting an application.

Does it cost to submit an application?

Yes. A $20 non refundable deposit is required for the juried art auction and the live drawing
competition applications. The vendor market does not require a fee to apply.

When are applications due?

All applications are due by August 2 nd . Late applications will not be accepted.

When will I be notified if my application was accepted?

Applicants will be notified between August 5th and 9th.

I was selected as a vendor. When do I have to pay my vendor fee?

All vendor fees are due by August 9th at 11:59pm. Vendors who fail to submit payment before the deadline will lose their spot in the market.

I have 3D work I’d like to submit to the juried art auction, can I still apply?

Unfortunately, our venues do not have the space for 3D work at this time. Please apply to be a vendor if you have 3D work and would like to be a part of the H2E artist fair.

Where will the juried work be displayed?

The juried work will be hung in the Granada Theatre and our newest restaurant and bar, 10
West, in downtown, Emporia.

I was accepted into the juried art auction, do I need to frame my piece?

No. But work must be matted and mounted on foamcore. Work that is delivered unmatted with
no foamcore will not be hung in the show.

I want to be a vendor but a 6 foot table isn’t enough for my work. Is there another option?

Our options are only 6ft table spaces or 10’x10’ booths. If 6ft is not enough space please apply
for a 10’x10’ booth. Also remember, booth spaces must vend on both days of the market.

I was accepted into the market for a 6ft table space but I decided I want to do a 10’x10’ booth instead, can I upgrade my spot?

Unfortunately, space is limited and those who applied for the 10x10 booths will be juried for those spots. If you think your business may need a 10’x10’ spot, please apply for it.

I was accepted into the live drawing competition, can I have a partner help me?

Yes! 2-3 artists can draw on one board. Boards are vertical 4x8 sheets of plywood. Create your composition accordingly. And bring a stool for your partner!

What kind of materials will be used in the live drawing competition?

The parameters for this competition is to create a pastel drawing. Paint will
not be accepted medium. Artist can use water with their pastels however. But chalk pastels are
the medium.

How long do I have to draw each day for the live drawing competition?

Friday 09/06 3pm to 9pm
Saturday 09/07 9am to 9pm

Artist will only have these times to finish their 4x8 foot pastel piece. Artist must be present and
working during these times. Please factor in set up and clean up times in addition to what is
listed above.

Still have questions?

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